No apps means no app traps
We want to take back control over our own technology, our own creations, even our own identity.
We want freedom from the surveillance and censorship of the Big Tech "app traps" built by smug techies and pushed by globalist technocrats.
To deliver this level of empowerment and freedom, we're going to have to rebuild the operating systems running our technologies, from the ground up.
The radical "OnexOS" mobile operating system achieves this, by simply having no apps!

Places and Property, People and Presence

OnexOS has no apps, so there can be no app traps!
Instead, OnexOS opens up access to a shared cyberspace which contains all of our digital property in places and spaces where we can directly and freely meet each other to co-create and share it.
OnexOS calls all of our digital stuff "objects" - so a photo, a message and a complete document are all "objects". Even we are "objects" in this shared cyberspace.
Everything and everyone you see in OnexOS is "live" - so changes to any objects we are looking at are seen immediately, and people have "presence".
The cyberspace created by our OnexOS devices is like a virtual world or a "Metaverse" - but if you've heard that Metaverses are bad, don't worry, because only Big Tech Metaverses set up new ways to trap you!
If you're now wondering where all that app functionality has gone, that trapped our stuff before, well, it's still there. Objects have behaviour and can be interacted with. You could say that the old app functionality is now trapped itself, on the "insides" of objects, as an internal animation. This is much more natural and intuitive. Of course, you are in complete control of your objects' behaviour.

Pins and Paths

In OnexOS, we pin objects together with other objects. I can pin your posts into my lists, you can pin my media to your post. We all pin stuff we find on our travels onto our virtual walls. We can pin our houses together into streets and streets together into cities. No-one can tell you you can't make a list of pins of three photos, two houses, four social media posts, ten chat messages, five people, two calendar events and a cat.

Permissions and Peer-to-Peer

With OnexOS, our stuff is no longer sucked in to remote servers via apps owned by inscrutable organisations.
Every object that we have hosted on our own OnexOS devices has a unique id to grab it by. So objects and their updates can be sent directly between our OnexOS devices, perhaps via an intermediary, and not via Big Tech's servers.
We each own and fully control our own data and our own identities; we alone decide who gets to see and change our own objects, not censors, manipulators or government snoops.

The cyberspace that OnexOS creates is a seamless digital fabric of places, property and people all pinned together; created, controlled and hosted by all of us on our own OnexOS peer devices around the planet.
OnexOS finally delivers on the promise of freedom and empowerment that is offered by our own digital technology.

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OnexOS is still under development. If you want to get involved as an early adopter and tester, get in touch!
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