Onex and The Object Network
You're tired of Big Tech's apps watching and controlling everything you do. You know Facebook, Google, Twitter and the rest aren't ever going to stop wanting to own you and your digital life; they'll never "open up" or suddenly make interoperability easy.
You believe in autonomy and sovereignty - freedom and empowerment - over your digital life: over your identity and your property.
So perhaps you checked out various new alternatives like Gab, Telegram and Gettr, but you're not sure you can trust them either - they don't work in a different way, just make different promises, for now.
Maybe you've got as far as investigating solutions that use blockchains, peer-to-peer or decentralised approaches: apps based on Etherium or Tim Berners-Lee's SOLID, or social networks like Mastodon and Briar. These seem to be going in the right direction at least.

Just bin the apps

But now you've discovered the Object Network and Onex. Welcome!
Onex is a freedom operating system (OS) for freedom-seeking people!
And the Object Network is a digital space - a cyberspace or Metaverse - for freedom-seeking people!
The Onex OS has no apps! And the Object Network is what you end up with when you don't have any apps!
Without apps, there's no "app trap", emprisoning us and our data. Instead of apps wrapping and trapping our digital stuff, our digital stuff can be grabbed and shared directly because it is free and out in the open.
In the Object Network, accessed via the Onex OS, there are no apps between us and our valuable data. We enjoy full, direct control of our digital stuff and our digital lives, including our identity.
Onex creates the Object Network, which is a shared space for all our digital stuff, where we freedom-seeking people can meet and share. The Object Network is created by all of us on our own mobiles and PCs, so is owned by everyone and no-one.
In the Object Network, any digital stuff on my mobile can be linked directly to digital stuff on your PC, and back, and on and on, around the globe between all of us.
The digital stuff you access via Onex in the Object Network isn't just inert, static snapshots of your digital life that have to be pushed around or manually updated. It's all live, so you can watch it change.

What that looks like

The Object Network cyberspace can be seen in either 2D or 3D, on a normal screen or in VR or AR.
You can organise your messages and posts, your documents and articles, your photos and your calendar events and your contact cards, in a 3D virtual world shared by everyone else across the planet, all through the Onex 3D user interface.

Find out more

As mentioned above, Onex is still under development. If you want to get involved as an early adopter and tester, get in touch!
Go here for a list of many more broader and deeper articles and presentations.

Duncan Cragg, 2021. Contact me