The Object Network

Motivation of the Object Network

Object Network described

Virtual worlds in AR and VR

The Object Network as the Metaverse

Scenarios and Stories

To help visualise how the Object Network can fit into our digital lives, I've written some scenarios and stories:

Internet of Things

Programming the Object Network

Programming should be as easy as using a spreadsheet:

OnexOS - the revolutionary "operating system with no apps"

Social app

This page has been rewritten several times in search of the right message around building a social app. Here are a few examples discussing how the Object Network and the Onex app will break us free of the Big Tech app trap:


And here's a slide deck:

Technical bits

This site is aimed at non-techies, but here's a very brief summary for techies and then you can read some technical detail about how it works.

Read here about the Object Network Rule Language behind the graphical programming interface.

Older material

Duncan Cragg, 2019

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