The Object Network

What is the Object Network?

The Object Network is a network of objects! It's a globally-distributed dynamic data fabric.
It's a platform or framework implemented as a C library that has a peer-to-peer or mesh network protocol underneath and an API on top.
The Object Network is much like the basic Web - especially in having links like URLs between objects in the fabric - but it's: You could say it's a "semantic web of linked data", but our data is both P2P and animated.

The Object Network Programming Model

The programming model encouraged by the API is "object state is first class and on the outside, you animate an object on the inside".
Another way of saying that is "An object's state is a function of the states of its peer objects that it links to". A Distributed Observer Pattern in other words.
I'm building a Programming Language over that programming model - reimplementing the one over here in C from Java.
Here's a picture showing two happy objects, one linking to and observing the state of the other:

What's the plan?

I'm currently building a revolutionary 3D Operating System for smartphones and smartwatches called OnexOS as a proof-of-concept.
It's being developed under the "Object Network Exploration Lab" umbrella.

I'm interested, tell me more!

The Object Network is still under development.
If you want to get involved as an early adopter and tester, get in touch! (see below)
Go here for a list of many more broader and deeper articles and presentations.

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