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Onex - Simplicity with Power

Onex is an app that enables you to program your Android device.

It's like a spreadsheet crossed with a database, only simpler and more powerful.

Here in Onex Land, we want to empower everyone to easily program their own apps:

Health and finance trackers, calculators, games, to-do or planning lists, tables, notepads, etc.

So what's different about the Onex app?

We believe we've made it easier to organise and animate your data..

..even for more ambitious projects where other approaches become unmanageable.

That's it, really.

What does Onex actually look like?

Here's a quick intro to programming in Onex - click or tap in the middle to advance the slides:



Where can I get it?

Onex is currently under open source development - and will be released to the Play Store as soon as it's useful and has been fully tested by normal family members!

Duncan Cragg, 2017

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