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Elevator Pitches, with timings

One seamless, endless space to weave our worlds from links to all our digital stuff - 5s

One seamless, endless space that empowers us to weave our worlds together from visible links to all our VR, AR and IoT stuff - 8s

It's one endless space and open platform supporting a merge of Augmented and Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things - 6s

Everyone and everything works together seamlessly and intuitively in a single shared space for all our digital lives - 12s

Everything has a visible, tangible handle - links - that can be used to build and weave all our stuff together across the planet - 18s

Links can point directly between stuff on our connected devices, wearables and servers, strengthening and democratising our interactions - 25s

I can "walk" over the link to a 3D room created by your home hub, pick up a link to a photo and pin it up in my own virtual home - 6s

I can then physically walk over to your WiFi lamp and view its 3D representation, pick up the link to that and pin it up too - 12s

Re-imagining the open internet as a single virtual world platform - 3s

It's a single platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things - 4s

It's an evolution of how we use the Internet and of Web technology to meet those new needs - 8s

It brings ease and empowerment to our digital lives - 2s

It's a virtual world weaved from links to all our digital stuff - 3s

It's a single, unlimited space for all our digital lives; everything joins up seamlessly through tangible links that we can weave together - 7s

It's a single space that's seamlessly linked and gives us easy control over our digital lives - 5s

It's a single space to conduct all of our digital lives - 3s

Where everything has a handle - everything is seamlessly linked - 6s

It's intuitively craftable - 8s

It's a single virtual world for all our digital lives - 3s

Everything works together and connects seamlessly through tangible, visible links, boundlessly across the planet - 9s

We can intuitively and flexibly weave our digital spaces and property together, from links to our own stuff and others', even stuff on wearables - 15s

Bigger Presentation

The next Internet?

The next Web?

Be part of the team building the third technology in this evolution!

This is not a business plan or a pitch - this won't make you money.

But you could be part of a project with global impact.

Things are changing: Virtual Reality... Augmented Reality... The Internet of Things...

The real and the virtual are merging.

We need a more up-to-date, open Internet platform to build all that on.

Introducing The Object Network:

Implementing "Cyberspace", the "Metaverse", the "3D Web".

A seamless, boundless, global Virtual World.

The Object Network is weaved together by links - like web URLs.

Everything in it has a saveable, shareable, reusable link.

Links point to ourselves, to our virtual places and to our digital property.

Links point directly to stuff on our wearables and home devices, to states of Things and to servers run by anyone.

Everything is just "links to live stuff".

Stuff that is always available, viewable and interactable whether local or remote.

Stuff that can be animated ourselves with simple rules.

Links are tangible handles on live virtual people, places and property.

People as avatars, identities, profiles and contact cards.

Places as rooms, cities, maps, regions, landscapes.

Property as news, messages, events, appointments, photos, media, locations; "Things" - sensors and actuators; 3D materials and structures.

You're in an unlimited world of links to places with links to property and more places.

Everything's in one global space.

We can conduct all of our daily digital activities in that one space.

Everything just works together in intuitive ways.

You are in complete control, because everything has a link.

Links can be used to weave your digital world together.

Simple rules can be used to animate that world.

We can meet, share and collaborate in these virtual places on this virtual property.

Easily working on it with others - and building on each other's work.

Sharing stuff and rules via their links.

How such major advances have been funded before

The development of the Internet and the Web were funded through public money - for defence and physics research respectively - that in each case was not intended to achieve the final result of an open, global, public system, but which was channelled by visionaries who had that final result in mind.

The next global network, whether or not that's the Object Network, will be funded through passionate individuals who see beyond their current context and constraints.

If this resonates with you, get in touch (see just below), or read more about the Object Network here.

Duncan Cragg, 2016

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